Surf ‘Scootnik’ Blue


Photo taken 01/03/2015, from the balcony of an oceanfront hotel, 6:40 pm: It was dark and foggy, and the beach was deserted. This object was moving very quickly back and forth just above the surf. It had two bluish-green day-glow ‘lights’ that moved much like they were attached to something. At first we wondered if it was a small ‘ski-do’ about 500 yards off-shore. We weren’t able to grab the camera in time to get a fixed video, but we did capture a sideways frame. Due to their speed, the object(s) only appears as a trail on the film, but we were able to photograph this ‘still’ frame from the video. The ‘lights’ were bluish-green at first, but a few moments later the object/lights submerged and changed colors, to yellow/orange/red.

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