I Saw It On My Wall…

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The Marshallville Chronicles…

(Vingette from “119, by John Thomas McElheny and Cynthia Farr Kinkel, told in remembrance of Marian Y. Clay McElheny of Marshallville, GA.)

  * * *    First United Methodist Church of Marshallville    …Tom’s mother, Marian, walked into his room in the wee hours one Sunday morning, woke him and told him that fellow church member Graham Bell was dead.

      Tom sat up in bed. “When did it happen?”

     “At five o’clock this morning,” his mother replied.

     Tom blinked his eyes and stared at the clock. “Mama, it’s only three-thirty.”

     But Marian was convinced, so he humored her. “Why don’t you call him, and tell him whatever he’s planning to do at five o’clock, not to do it.”

     Marian shook her head. “Whatever is going to happen can’t be prevented.

     “Well, how…

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"It's not so much the things we know that can harm us; it's the things we don't." Cynthia Farr Kinkel is a writer/editor/blogger; photographer; former journalist/newspaper publisher. She is also a musician.

2 thoughts on “I Saw It On My Wall…

  1. Hello! My name is Bonnie Brown. I bought the corner house diagonally across Main Street from you Mother’s. Often I’ve gazed upon it’s swee.tness. it really is sweet. when first I entered my house I heard a tiny voice buried beneath crumbling fireplaces and old fake woid paneling, torn linoleum, bad windows. But I heard it and it calked to me. now after 7 years of uncovering and reforming, listening, it is singing! and although I’m ip couple of times a month I love it there and feel it singing through me!😊

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