Too fast to photograph: Ultra-speed day-glow ‘Skootnik’ observed in night surf, January 2015 – Myrtle Beach… UFO/USO, drone, what?

Night watch cropped

Myrtle Beach, SC: A colorful USO appeared only a few yards off shore in the surf on a chilly, foggy evening in early January 2015 and lingered for about five minutes. Our footage was taken quite precariously off the balcony of one of the Grand Strand’s oceanfront hotels. The beach was dark and totally deserted, and the fog carried large drops of condensation, yet this thing was zipping around and hovering above the waves right out in front of the hotel. We captured only seconds of the performance – in the darkness, we were lucky to have captured anything. We soon discovered the footage was filmed sideways, and the objects were just blips of light when it was replayed. We did manage to extract three still frames in sequence starting at 0.21, and photographed them from the computer screen. The photos have been rotated clockwise to view the objects directionally as they appeared to us.

Initially, there were two small, bluish-green ‘lights’ that steered back and forth above the waves almost like a highspeed, airborne ‘ski-do.’ 

Frame One – The photo below is the first still of the object(s) above the surf. Note, after rushing to get the camera, all we caught was a blue-green trail:


Frame Two – The photo below is the second still of the object(s) just above the waves as they entered the water:


A moment later, a ‘day-glow’ yellow/orange/red ‘object(s)’ came up out of the water rotating like a top, and for a second, emanating tiny sparkling lights that seemed to remain ‘connected.’

Frame Three – The photo below is the third still showing the ‘object(s),’ now well emerged and fused, and evidently preparing to leave as within a second, the thing shot down the beach, heading directly south toward the buoy off Garden City, much faster than any *drone we’d ever seen:


PS: *It may well have been a drone, but it’s hard to imagine how any mere drone could so easily navigate ninety degrees and fly away in a straight line at such a lightning speed.

We’re curious to know if anyone else has seen something similar, especially since we’ve heard others in this neck of the woods talk about objects that appear to be flying in and out of water. 

We called it a Scootnik. (Perhaps, Spooknik will do just as well.)

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